[Bf-extensions-cvs] [e08d6983] master: Node Wrangler: Fix T65202: keymap conflicts

Philipp Oeser noreply at git.blender.org
Tue Jul 9 10:25:37 CEST 2019

Commit: e08d6983c05fde19b2cb21d1b01ea0939fc58b4f
Author: Philipp Oeser
Date:   Tue Jul 9 10:20:26 2019 +0200
Branches: master

Node Wrangler: Fix T65202: keymap conflicts

Since CTRL+LMB is now taken by 'cut links' in blenders default keymap,
this was conflicting with nodewranglers 'lazy connect' and unfortunately
we have to step aside here.

This commit shifts shortcuts:

lazy connect (CTRL+LMB --> ALT+RMB)
lazy connect with menu (CTRL+SHIFT+LMB --> ALT+SHIFT+RMB)
lazy mix (ALT+RMB --> CTRL+SHIFT+RMB)

This keeps the two 'lazy Connect' on a common "base" key and just moves
'lazy mix'


M	node_wrangler.py


diff --git a/node_wrangler.py b/node_wrangler.py
index fa4b3d22..039d2170 100644
--- a/node_wrangler.py
+++ b/node_wrangler.py
@@ -4654,11 +4654,11 @@ kmi_defs = (
     # Reload Images
     (NWReloadImages.bl_idname, 'R', 'PRESS', False, False, True, None, "Reload images"),
     # Lazy Mix
-    (NWLazyMix.bl_idname, 'RIGHTMOUSE', 'PRESS', False, False, True, None, "Lazy Mix"),
+    (NWLazyMix.bl_idname, 'RIGHTMOUSE', 'PRESS', True, True, False, None, "Lazy Mix"),
     # Lazy Connect
-    (NWLazyConnect.bl_idname, 'RIGHTMOUSE', 'PRESS', True, False, False, (('with_menu', False),), "Lazy Connect"),
+    (NWLazyConnect.bl_idname, 'RIGHTMOUSE', 'PRESS', False, False, True, (('with_menu', False),), "Lazy Connect"),
     # Lazy Connect with Menu
-    (NWLazyConnect.bl_idname, 'RIGHTMOUSE', 'PRESS', True, True, False, (('with_menu', True),), "Lazy Connect with Socket Menu"),
+    (NWLazyConnect.bl_idname, 'RIGHTMOUSE', 'PRESS', False, True, True, (('with_menu', True),), "Lazy Connect with Socket Menu"),
     # Viewer Tile Center
     (NWViewerFocus.bl_idname, 'LEFTMOUSE', 'DOUBLE_CLICK', False, False, False, None, "Set Viewers Tile Center"),
     # Align Nodes

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