[Bf-extensions-cvs] [6af56bfa] master: BlenderKit: change thumb background property description

Vilém Duha noreply at git.blender.org
Mon Aug 12 21:29:18 CEST 2019

Commit: 6af56bfabd2d4ac0e3329f0b664182fc7f4fb64c
Author: Vilém Duha
Date:   Mon Aug 12 19:32:27 2019 +0200
Branches: master

BlenderKit: change thumb background property description


M	blenderkit/__init__.py


diff --git a/blenderkit/__init__.py b/blenderkit/__init__.py
index 2a5b3abd..27754e82 100644
--- a/blenderkit/__init__.py
+++ b/blenderkit/__init__.py
@@ -624,7 +624,7 @@ class BlenderKitMaterialUploadProps(PropertyGroup, BlenderKitCommonUploadProps):
                                    description="size of material preview object in meters "
                                                "- change for materials that look better at sizes different than 1m",
                                    default=1, min=0.00001, max=10)
-    thumbnail_background: BoolProperty(name="Thumbnail Background",
+    thumbnail_background: BoolProperty(name="Thumbnail Background (for Glass only)",
                                        description="For refractive materials, you might need a background. "
                                                    "Don't use if thumbnail looks good without it!",

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