[Bf-extensions-cvs] [6bc837d] master: FBX export: Fix stupid own error regarding matrix_parent_inverse...

Bastien Montagne noreply at git.blender.org
Fri Dec 19 12:49:31 CET 2014

Commit: 6bc837db2cc73323311f234b2ff2bbc1fc7063ec
Author: Bastien Montagne
Date:   Fri Dec 19 12:12:35 2014 +0100
Branches: master

FBX export: Fix stupid own error regarding matrix_parent_inverse...


M	io_scene_fbx/fbx_utils.py


diff --git a/io_scene_fbx/fbx_utils.py b/io_scene_fbx/fbx_utils.py
index 08a3328..22ff4be 100644
--- a/io_scene_fbx/fbx_utils.py
+++ b/io_scene_fbx/fbx_utils.py
@@ -995,7 +995,8 @@ class ObjectWrapper(metaclass=MetaObjectWrapper):
         if self._tag in {'DP', 'OB'} and parent:
             # To get *real* local matrix of a child object, we also need to take into account its inverted par mat!
-            matrix = self.bdata.matrix_parent_inverse * matrix
+            # In fact, this is wrong - since we do not store that matrix in FBX at all, we shall not use it here...
+            #~ matrix = self.bdata.matrix_parent_inverse * matrix
             if parent._tag == 'BO':
                 # In bone parent case, we get transformation in **bone tip** space (sigh).
                 # Have to bring it back into bone root, which is FBX expected value.

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