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Hello to Blender community;

I believe that there are many creative youngsters out there who don’t have the resources to buy expensive software. Blender is doing a very important job in providing such a tool for free. Eventually, it will contribute to more people involved in visual creativity and art, and this will make World a better place in (hopefully near) future I believe. So I decided to contribute. I am of middle age and definitely not an expert in animation or Blender, but I am a visually sensible person with some taste, some spare time, enough money to self-retire and interest/idealism to learn and teach.

As a result, I decided to start a Youtube channel to teach Blender with a structured, “nice and easy” method. My site is called “MinimalisT” and I am quite a minimalist myself. The tutorials I came across on Youtube are trying to teach too much at once (except the official tutorials). And I believe this may be confusing to users. “One step at a time” may help people build a better foundation. I will be uploading one tutorial every Saturday at 12:00 AM GMT and guidance or criticism will be appreciated. Thanks in advance…



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