[Bf-education] Recommended materials and requirements for Blender Foundation Certified Trainer

Kiril Mitov kmitov at axlessoft.com
Thu Jan 23 08:48:11 CET 2020


We are a software company with recent projects involving integration with
Blender and producing models and animations with Blender. We are looking
for help and clarifications with the BFCT program.

Two of my colleagues, very experienced engineers with knowledge and
projects in CAD, show great interest in Blender. We would like to develop
our team and these two colleagues in the direction of Blender Foundation
Certified Trainer.

I am familiar with
https://www.blendernetwork.org/certification/become-a-trainer/. What I am
looking for is a more detailed directions on:

   - Modeling
   - Materials/Texturing
   - Rigging
   - Animation
   - Compositing
   - Lighting
   - Scripting
   - Rendering (internal/external)
   - Dynamics/Simulation (fluids, particles, softbodies, etc.)
   - Pipeline integration

Like what are the requirements and example for an "Animation" that is of
the complexity required and scope required for Certification? All the areas
are huge and I would like to help my colleagues to direct and narrow their
learning efforts productively. Our use case with Blender is very specific
and narrow and in the day to day activities they wont be able to improve
their skills in all areas of blender. That's why the program is
particularly interesting.

Is there a list of courses, materials and requirements for each area?

Best Regards,

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