[Bf-education] blender in primary art education

rik van nielen rik at oicretail.com
Mon Oct 23 13:19:51 CEST 2017

Dear Members,

Has anyone have experience in teaching blender to kids of 6-8 years old?
I am planning to start a program in primary school as early as possible. 
Most of their teachers argue that the program is not child adapted.
All kids speak fluent english so I figured that we would use extensive keyboard shortcuts.
I realise that most functions do not (yet) have a meaning for them, they might learn by what they will see happening. 

The idea behind this experiment is to see if very young kids engage in 3d drawing as a new language (form language) this might open new abilities to their communication. 
Any exercise or suggestion is welcome


Rik van Nielen

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