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Douglas Sutherland dsutherland10 at bigpond.com
Mon Feb 20 09:21:25 CET 2017

Hi Monique,

I have been teaching Blender to students age 9 to 13 for the last 4 or 5
years and I am keen to participate in making content. I have a YouTube
channel with  some older tutorials .




I am sure I can do a better job now that I have had some more experience.






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Hi Dindoun,

Last week we went live with Spanish and Portuguese. French would be more
than welcome! It would be great if you could help us out.

You can find tutorials on b3d101.org. I'll send you an invite on the
blendereducation slack channel, so that we can discuss further.

kind regards,




Op 06/02/17 om 14:47 schreef dindoun:

I'm interested in tuto but in French.
Sometimes I might translate if the tuto is really great.

- I'm one of the blender translaters 
- I still have made a "starter tuto"

wn from a few users per month to approx. 800 - 1000


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