[Bf-education] Minutes from education meeting at #bcon16

Peter Kemp peterejkemp at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 17:13:31 CEST 2016

Dear All,

Minutes from today's meeting
<https://twitter.com/TomSFHaines/status/792006425279139841> at the blender
conference. 16 attendees, focus on pre-uni education. Any interested
translators/educators out there, please get in touch. We need you!

What can be done?


   get interested people to the mailing list and use it more

   get a slack together for Blender Education - to share work in progress


   We need translations of current material on http://b3d101.org - ITALIAN

   Create and share content including video tutorials (suitable for kids -
   use advice document

   Share funding/research opportunities. Potential joint EU bids

   Matrix of tutorials for students looking to follow career X. E.g.
   tutorials for architects / animation. Kid friendly beginner videos.

   Mozilla badges to accredit learner outcomes. E.g. badge for modelling
   basics. Do the scouts have these?

   How do we contact other people who can change things - make people aware
   of discussions around b3d101 - use slack and mailing list.

   B3d101 discussion, do we make a simple version of blender, OR grey out
   buttons OR hide buttons?

   Marketing material for schools - 3Dami to share

   Provide teacher training resources for non-blender educators - how do we
   train teachers and facilitate teachers. Resources on misconceptions and
   common mistakes made by beginners - 3Dami to produce.

   How to solve problems with lack of equipment - for example guides for
   remote desktop set-up. What about installing on Windows network using .msi.
   How to build ubuntu USB.

   Blog posts on best practice and events.

   Links to good general reference materials - non blender material such as
   animators toolkit / Krita / inkscape

   Downloadable simple assets for students to use.

   Share work and outcome from students - blog posts, but also .blend files
   / videos.

   How can students work together online? Possibility of cross national
   students dev teams.
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