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Piotr Arlukowicz piotao at polskikursblendera.pl
Mon Feb 29 17:02:01 CET 2016

to be honest, I do not understand clearly what you are asking about. Should
I, or we, give you advices of how to organize some events at your own
campus? I'm not speaking on behalf people from BI, but do you plan to
invite them to attend? Hm.
Please clarify.


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2016-02-29 3:52 GMT-05:00 Riccardo Buscicchio <chionatan at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> I volunteered in the past five years or so teaching Blender in Italy,
> mostly to university and high school students (14-30 years old). I'd be
> very interested in hosting a "blender bootcamp" at my university. I work at
> a physics department, and I've always tried to convince my colleagues and
> students to use Blender to explain to the wide audience their works,
> seminars, results, etc..
> Just as an example, I used blender to depict (not necessarily accurate)
> what happened during the famous event of the detected gravitational wave.
> Here is the result:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8X2-QxQgW4
> In order to propose it to my university board, I'd like to have more
> informations on how to organize it. Could you give me some?
> Thanks,
> Richard
> On 11/08/2015 21:50, Peter Kemp wrote:
> Dear All,
> Our England based 3D animation summer school, 3Dami <http://3dami.org/>,
> has finished. We had 44 students aged 13 - 18 working in mini film studios
> for 7 days and creating 5 films.  All work that you see is theirs (except
> for some textures and the sound.) Only one student had any formal training.
> We've been partnering with Universities and managed to get a 500 node
> render farm at UCL and a 177 node render farm in Bath
> UCL films: http://www.3dami.org.uk/?page_id=1104
> University of Bath Films: http://www.3dami.org.uk/?page_id=1124
> We're trying to prove the point that you don't need to dumb down the
> software for younger students.
> If anyone is interested in running a 3Dami at their uni, get in touch!
> Pete
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