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Hi all,
I volunteered in the past five years or so teaching Blender in Italy, 
mostly to university and high school students (14-30 years old). I'd be 
very interested in hosting a "blender bootcamp" at my university. I work 
at a physics department, and I've always tried to convince my colleagues 
and students to use Blender to explain to the wide audience their works, 
seminars, results, etc..
Just as an example, I used blender to depict (not necessarily accurate) 
what happened during the famous event of the detected gravitational 
wave. Here is the result:


In order to propose it to my university board, I'd like to have more 
informations on how to organize it. Could you give me some?


On 11/08/2015 21:50, Peter Kemp wrote:
> Dear All,
> Our England based 3D animation summer school, 3Dami 
> <http://3dami.org/>, has finished. We had 44 students aged 13 - 18 
> working in mini film studios for 7 days and creating 5 films.  All 
> work that you see is theirs (except for some textures and the sound.) 
> Only one student had any formal training. We've been partnering with 
> Universities and managed to get a 500 node render farm at UCL and a 
> 177 node render farm in Bath
> UCL films: http://www.3dami.org.uk/?page_id=1104
> University of Bath Films: http://www.3dami.org.uk/?page_id=1124
> We're trying to prove the point that you don't need to dumb down the 
> software for younger students.
> If anyone is interested in running a 3Dami at their uni, get in touch!
> Pete
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