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I teach Blender to High school students, and I agree with you with the need for bite sized informational pieces.  Our school does not block Youtube, so I can gather the project based ones from there or directly from the Blender site, but oftentimes they are too complex even for the high school students.  I went to school for computer animation, so I can usually get by with the small stuff, but it would be great to have access to chunked lessons that I can have my student's review.

As for a common "marketplace" for things of this nature, I haven't a clue, but if you happen to get them downloaded somewhere, please let me know.


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I thougth I'd introduce myself.  I've using Blender for a decade and for the past 5 years teaching middle school kids to use Blender.  Is anyone else working with kids and Blender?

I've created a number of video tutorials and I'm thinking of putting them online to share.  I'm thinking youtube but I'd like to have someplace that we can download from easily so we can put them on local machines.  Most schools seem to block youtube so the download is necessary.  What are people using?

My feeling is that most existing online tutorials are project oriented and a little too long (> 5 minutes).  The students need bite-sized tasks that have a payoff.  They seem to be pretty good at using different skills to create a final project.  For example, I start them out with a
5 minute video on the Blender interface.  Then I have a number of short ones on modeling, animation, tracking, etc.

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