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Monique m.dewanchand at atmind.nl
Wed Aug 12 21:40:39 CEST 2015

Hello Peter,

Thank you for sharing.
When it comes to python, personally I wouldn't start with explaining 
data types. I've seen some kids struggle with this.

What is your experience?


Op 11/08/15 om 22:02 schreef Peter Koppatz:
> Hi Monique,
>> Past months I've been asked to give Blender workshops to kids between 8
>> and 16 years old. I searched for Blender teaching material but couldn't
>> find much. I decided to use some simple models from Blendswap and hide
>> the majority of buttons in the UI. Surprisingly this worked better than
>> expected.
>> The kids were very enthusiastic and could perform the tasks pretty well.
>> At the end I was asked how kids could continu learning Blender.
>> This motivated me to start an open website/platform in NL to teach kids
>> more on technology, especially Blender & Python. But what is a good
>> format for teaching Blender to kids?
>> Can we teach Blender to kids in a same manner as kids are thaught math
>> or grammar?
>> Are there tutorials or program lessons available for kids?
>> Is anyone working on this and willing to cooperate?
> The „Python Software Verband (PySV)" started in 2013 a programming 
> contest for kids in Germany[1]. I have written a collection of 
> tutorials to teach and prepare interested kids. The focus is 
> programming with Python! There was always a great interest in using 
> and translating the existing german version. So I started to 
> reorganize the course material and switched to use the english version 
> as a master. Now other people can translate the english version to 
> other languages. The course material is available at bitbucket[2], and 
> Transifex[3] is used for translations. The prototype of the new 
> multilingual version is available at http://pymove3d.sudile.com 
> <http://pymove3d.sudile.com>.
> The new structure and the translation is a work in progress, and a 
> little bit a mess, because my english is very poor. Nevertheless you 
> could either help to finish and develop the existing material or 
> improve the english version or use parts of the course material as you 
> like. There are also some open problems due to the course material in 
> different languages. I have some ideas but not a real solution e. g. 
>  for short videos and screenshots (with text added on the images). SVG 
> could be a solution. Suggestions and help is always appreciated.
> If you have further questions, ask me.
> Kind regards,
> Peter
> [1] http://pymove3d.pysv.org/ (German only)
> [2] https://bitbucket.org/pkoppatz/pymove3d-en
> [3] https://www.transifex.com/pysv/
>> Kind regards,
>> Monique Dewanchand
>> At Mind
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