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Hi Piotr and all,

I have taught with blender since 2008 from what is a certificate III qualification to Diploma in the Australian nationally recognized training packages.
Hard to equate levels to international levels as they all vary however I would say the diploma is equivalent to entry level for internships or Universities entrance levels.
So our basic's is Certificate III, first lesson I use is to make a sword from a circle reduced to 8 vertices with extrudes at the same time I get them to construct using orthographic view and navigate through the num_pad views and get use to the interface and views while going through some of the shortcut keys.

This seams to work well for my normal demographic usually young game design students mostly male, in one session they have a basic sword and they have had a healthy look at the interface.
Diplomas would be at the level of advanced rigging and playing with advanced physics features fluids, fire and smoke, object's with force influences. As our focus is game design some use of the game engine however due to the nature of the courses we export the blend assets into unity game engines and just use blenders game engine for prototyping, not that there is an issue with blenders game engine we just have to use multiple programs to teach production pipeline processes.

I also point students to many sources to get in the habit of continuous development of their skills great sites like blender guru, blender cookie, blender nation and many more of course. These are broad stroke descriptions so I don't know if I am helping your query Piotr I just thought I'd reply as you said you are not getting much messages.

As I use blender as a tool for our students courses it can be very contextual to either the games they are creating or VFX sequence or animation, so there is the standard learn the basics of blender however when it comes to specific challenges either it is using what I know or seeing what other tutorials may aid in a specific development  and fortunatly there is a great deal of tutorials out there.

I would recommend you have good shortcut key lists these seem to help students quite a lot as well as professionals the help them with industry it seems to be about speed :)

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this list is rather silent since months (or I'm not getting any messages from it), but there is for sure a lot of things going on everywhere.

If you are a blender teacher or trainer, or even Blender Foundation Certified Trainer, you are using for sure some quests for your students. So, I would like to ask you what are your best ideas and practices to make Blender education interesting and quick. What are best tasks for students who are learning.

Basing of their skill level, those tasks should be easy for beginners and more complicated for more advanced users. For sure you have such small tasks. For example to teach how to navigate 3d view I give them a task for building simple pyramid from cubes, next step are cubes set in a perfect circle shape, aligned to the grid, etc.

For more advanced students there are another, harder tasks. I'd like to ask you what do use to teach and check students. Maybe there are some good ideas or methodologies. Maybe there are some deeply thought challenges? (One of them can be for example to model a regular dodecahedron from a single vertex, never leaving edit mode).
Also, mystery blends seems to be very good source of nice tasks for those who already knows Blender.

Would you share your ideas or good "patents" usable for education?

If you don't mind, I would love to collect them for 101 education suite, if such a thing somehow appear.


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