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Matt Howarth matt.howarth at puppetman.net
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it does sound like a great idea. I'm working with The Backstage Academy 
in the UK and one of the things I aim to develop with them is a 
real-time kinect interface to use it to help create real-time graphics 
for live performance.

Mail me directly if you'd like to discuss a collaboration further.


Matt: )

On 08/11/2014 10:27, Fahd Arshad wrote:
> Hello
> I am a software engineering student from Pakistan. I have selected 3D 
> modeling using kinect for my final year project. I have been looking 
> around various 3d software which can assist me and i found blender at 
> the top of my list.
> It would be an amazing experience if i could work on one of the best 
> open source projects and somehow contribute to it in what ever way i can.
> The Idea:
> We are looking to develop a plugin for blender, the user will be able 
> to scan any 3d object with the help of Kinect v2 and the model would 
> be transferred to blender, after this the kinect would allow the user 
> to manipulate the 3d object in Blender's 3d space with the help of 
> gestures. Once the user is satisfied with what ever he wanted to make, 
> blender would convert the object into .stl or .obj format which will 
> create a 3d printing file format. Hence you will be able to create an 
> object and 3d print it.
> Please let us know if you can help us in any way in terms of support 
> and we are always open to ideas and suggestion.
> Hoping to hear from you soon
> Regards
> Fahd Arshad
> National University of Science and Technology
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