[Bf-education] Blender and Kinect

Fahd Arshad 10besefarshad at seecs.edu.pk
Sat Nov 8 11:27:35 CET 2014


I am a software engineering student from Pakistan. I have selected 3D
modeling using kinect for my final year project. I have been looking around
various 3d software which can assist me and i found blender at the top of
my list.

It would be an amazing experience if i could work on one of the best open
source projects and somehow contribute to it in what ever way i can.

The Idea:
We are looking to develop a plugin for blender, the user will be able to
scan any 3d object with the help of Kinect v2 and the model would be
transferred to blender, after this the kinect would allow the user to
manipulate the 3d object in Blender's 3d space with the help of gestures.
Once the user is satisfied with what ever he wanted to make, blender would
convert the object into .stl or .obj format which will create a 3d printing
file format. Hence you will be able to create an object and 3d print it.

Please let us know if you can help us in any way in terms of support and we
are always open to ideas and suggestion.

Hoping to hear from you soon


Fahd Arshad
National University of Science and Technology
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