[Bf-education] generate Breaked?

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I suggest you go to blender IRC and ask there. You will get faster
responses and they can work with you live to understand your problem
better. With luck someone here can help you too. Also try the blender web
sites like http://blenderartists.org/  for getting good answers to your
questions fast.

On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 9:44 PM, Lula Borges Hot <lulaborges at hotmail.com.br>

>   Hi all,
> as i making us new animation, an student talk with me about the “rig
> generation” of blender is bugged, the legs and arms not working well in the
> version 2.72 and I try in 2.71 and see this also.
> anybody here have any information about this problem?
> the rig generation will not update to work well with blender?
> don’t we will have the rig generation in new versions of blender?
> well, any informations will be good, because i not know wath to talk to
> student.
> hugs,
> Lula
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