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avi dey adtwinonline at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 15:56:01 CEST 2014

> August 01, 2014
> Good Morning  Blender Community People ,
> Question: Still interested in "Blender Video Project Library" ?
> It's been more than six months since I have heard any progress report on
> the "Bleder Video Projects Library" that was discussed by the leaders as a
> key goal to enhance Blender Education & Broaden Applications.
> Anyone can give an update as to the status of  the Blender Video Project
> Library ?
> I have created several experimental videos as prelude to prelude to my
> NSF.GOV <http://nsf.gov/> Virtual Team Educational Muisc VIdeo Game
> Proposal Update.
> I see one of the best application for  Blender 4D is in "Dance Animation"
> enhanced by Kinect SDK camera for motion capture.  The Blender 3D & Kinect
> SDK, then can be used to add dance choriography element to  story telling
> by singers & songwriters.
> Here are some examples of some short videos of how this can be done.  I
> personally use Microsoft Movie Maker that came with my computer to create
> short video PSA (Public Service Annoucment) or  tell a story via vocalist
> added music video, as given in this Pinterest.com board I created to share
> with the public.
> *Edu Game Developers 3D Plus Game Engine Teaching & Learning Circle Café
> Twin*
> * (will add 3D Blender generated Dance Choriography) to this educational
> music video game intro (phase II)*
> Conversation:  This is a short video introducing "Voyage of the Beagle
> Virginia Tall Ship" , an educational music video proposal to a U.S. govie
> agency via virtual team.
> *http://www.pinterest.com/pin/74027987600187270/
> <http://www.pinterest.com/pin/74027987600187270/>*
> Avi Dey
> Faifax, VA
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