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Luiz Antonio lulaborges at hotmail.com.br
Wed Apr 23 13:30:46 CEST 2014

My idea is about Blender to be more knowing in academy around the world, nothing in technology, but also education, that many theory in education been made, but less Activity. creating a web of articles in many languages, coautoring the creator of article and him translater in various language.
Example: I made an article about my xperiences with blender in high school, in Natal/Brazil.Marcelo, that know more english, spanish, french, whatever, and portuguese, translate the article in any language, being him a co-author and as me, try to publish in any country, that him live.
as robert can make an article about blender, BGE, render, etc etc, and education, technology, i ranslate to portuguese, being me an co-author, as another us translate to another language, him being co-author in especific academic journal.
maybe I am asking nosense, but can be a good way to do blender more expansive in education and technology, especialy to the future of education in the world.
hugs, sorry any mistake,Lula Borges 		 	   		  
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