[Bf-education] asking / answering

Lula Borges Hot lulaborges at hotmail.com.br
Mon Apr 21 19:41:29 CEST 2014

Last education fair here in Natal, my stand was of tecnology and of course 
using the Blender course on public school.
the stand agglutinated another types of technology, roboes, models, etc, 

last day a teacher of another school come to me and ask about Blender, him 
teacher of 3dstudio and adobe teacher.
in conversation him ask that Him not theacher of Blender because is not a 
commercial program, is free, etc, etc,
Blender is the best program of 3D creation because it is complete. have 
modeling, scuplting and game maker.
the adobe, that not have 3D program, think get the Blender to Adobe 
well, I of course stay a cool scared, "wow! want get Adobe the Blender?"

I ask that blender have a certificate for free, that the blender foundation 
actualizate it ever, the people around the world is a big comunity that not 
think Blender in screew of Adobe Collection.

him ask that nothing that money not can be buy and the Adobe have policy at 
to buy good programs, as the macromedia flash to adobe flash or free hand to 
ilustrator and others.

I ask that Ton not will be want sell blender ever, is the work at him life, 
like the foundation, that not will be sell the program,

the more crazy (or not) phrases of the teacher come now.
"well, it is not problem, when Ton to die, the adobe will buy the program, 
because the foundation is Ton, and after he go away, not have more 
foundation, or the new director not will have the strong that Ton have".


"After the buy is complete, the adobe will divide the program in three 
parts: Adobe 3D, Adobe modeling, Adobe game, using the basis of the Blender 

I ask "why Blender?" him answer "because blender is the best"

I, scared, say goodbye him and go to home, was the finish of fair.

After this i found any information about this and nothing, any bender, but 
nothing more, but, if the blender wants be a commercial program, then be fix 
to NAN , many people pay much money to get it a free program and now, that 
the program is very good, more and more, another enterprise wants buy this?

it is crazy!!!

anyone see anything about this?

is any madness of any crazy that want to use blender but no can?

sorry this big mail, but i continues scared.


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