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be free to use any video from my YT channel. there are a couple sculptures, VFX, animation and etc there:



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Lula, I'll add you to the WIKI list.
Right now we are told to wait a bit and headquarters is going to give us some directions.

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2013/11/25 Lula Borges Hot <lulaborges at hotmail.com.br>

My talk english is ugly, ughh!!!
>I can contribute like this:
>can you place the steps that all can send the videos?
>"we need now videos about:
>- animation
>- bones
>    - David ward –> johny blender
>- Riggify
>- high modeling
>    - Andrew Price -> introdution to 
>Well, like this all can se many parts about that blender can be to do
>etc etc etc
>Just to let you know, I've created a WIKI page for the project, here 
>>> is: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/FeatureMovies
>>> I put there Andrew Price already as a Volunteer along with 
>>> Anybody else?
>>> We can discuss things in the list as normal (but maybe in new 
thread -
>>> this one is a bit long and messy), or we can use Discussion Page 
in the
>>> WIKI. I hope somebody from Blender Foundation could also look into 
this and
>>> correct us if we are making something not aligned with BF 
>>> To the newcomers: this is a new idea that raised on bf-webcontent 
>>> list. We agreed that some Feature Videos are missing and we can do 
them for
>>> BF page. Volunteers are needed for short (1-5 min) recordings of 
>>> Blender features. No commentary is needed, only video. I can 
>>> temporary WIKI page if we have nothing else just to keep you 
updated. I can
>>> also help with movie creation, converting, etc. See the WIKI and 
>>> contribute!
>>> pz
>>> piotr
>>> --
>>> Piotr Arlukowicz
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