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Guillermo J Ferro P gferrop at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 00:02:35 CET 2013

I want to participate

2013/11/24 Piotr Arlukowicz <piotao at gmail.com>

> Just to let you know, I've created a WIKI page for the project, here it
> is: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/FeatureMovies
> I put there Andrew Price already as a Volunteer along with myself. Anybody
> else?
> We can discuss things in the list as normal (but maybe in new thread -
> this one is a bit long and messy), or we can use Discussion Page in the
> WIKI. I hope somebody from Blender Foundation could also look into this and
> correct us if we are making something not aligned with BF targets.
> To the newcomers: this is a new idea that raised on bf-webcontent mailing
> list. We agreed that some Feature Videos are missing and we can do them for
> BF page. Volunteers are needed for short (1-5 min) recordings of different
> Blender features. No commentary is needed, only video. I can maintain
> temporary WIKI page if we have nothing else just to keep you updated. I can
> also help with movie creation, converting, etc. See the WIKI and please,
> contribute!
> pz
> piotr
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> 2013/11/24 Gerard Maguire <nexial.protagonist at googlemail.com>
>> I'm going to throw this into the mix.
>> Features videos.
>> Make the content punchy to the point and exciting.
>> Captivate and create the desire to explore further.
>> 1:  Highlight  features in clips of three to five seconds each.
>> 2:  Five to ten clips per video  in under a minute.
>> 3: More colour.
>> 4: No commentary.
>> This should make obtaining suitable material from which to edit the
>> videos much easier.
>>  On 24 November 2013 11:16, Piotr Arlukowicz <piotao at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> @olivier:
>>>> I would even suggest to limit those videos to one level (like it is
>>>> now), and to only 5 minutes length.
>>>> I believe that's enough to quickly show the feature and to.be sure the
>>>> viewer watches it until then end.
>>>> Then there could be a link at the end of the paragraph that says "if
>>>> you are interested in detailed videos and tutorials about feature bla bla
>>>> please check out these additional.videos". There we can get links to bguru
>>>> cgcookies etc.
>>> Olivier, my proposal of three levels is not about Features Page only,
>>> it's just about the whole Educational system, to which Features Page
>>> belongs. So I agree that we need short simple movies with huge impact to
>>> show main pros quickly. Another levels are not for that page, and even you
>>> already mentioned this, by pointing that we need also other resources
>>> linked.
>>> I'll keep this simple: three levels of videos are not for the same
>>> purposes. Also they don't mean any directional order. Let's think about
>>> them as about diffrent TYPES of presentation: levels mean different types.
>>> TypeA: Feature Film - about 1-5 min long, no commentary / music in the
>>> background, desired page: Features Page
>>> TypeB: Updates/changes/new things, longer, with explanation, made by
>>> people close to developers - we all need those just to know about new
>>> features. This is for the advanced community. The reviews of "what's new"
>>> in new versions done by CGCookie already belongs to this section.
>>> TypeC: Regular Tutorials about Blender, covering many areas or specific
>>> subjects, as it is done by sometimes by diffrent companies/individuals.
>>> Could also be released in series if the subject is huge.
>>> @Elijah:
>>> Yeah, 5 min max length is good. And I guess one level of videos would be
>>>> a much better idea, now that I think about it.
>>> For the Features Page this is the only way. Only short has to go there,
>>> just for the clarity. There should be also a link for "more..." resources,
>>> if somebody is interested.
>>>  Obviously to be professional they would have to be all made by the
>>>> same person or group. I think somebody who speaks fluent English should be
>>>> the commentator, if commentary is necessary.
>>>> I
>>>> n fact…as I run that thought through my head…maybe we don't actually
>>>> need someone to voice over the videos. With a little background music, and
>>>> some other things…who knows. Whatever. Just thinking out loud here.
>>> I think we don't need a human voice in Feature Videos. This way they can
>>> be even faster, and they should not be tutorials. The reason of Feature
>>> Film is to quickly show something awesome. Explanations should go to
>>> different type of material, and be presented in "Education" section, not in
>>> the "Features". I hope this is clear now :)
>>>> Actually, if no commentary is needed, maybe I could make the
>>>> videos…we'll see.
>>> Yes, you can! We all can help and I think I also can record part of the
>>> screen. We can record things using Blender screencasting tool (Alt+F3), but
>>> this can easy be accidentally stopped by for example rendering etc. So,
>>> there are better ways - just plain screen recording.
>>> Actually, I'm working under Linux, and I already have well prepared
>>> system and good capabilities of recording screen, using ffmpeg and another
>>> tools. This is a technical topic, so maybe it's not good time to explain
>>> details here. Anybody interested could ask me using my private email (
>>> piotao at gmail.com or piotao at polskikursblendera.pl). I've recorded more
>>> than 270 tutorials so far using my solutions and this worked very well. For
>>> Windows there's a bunch of simple/advanced programs for screencasting, i.e.
>>> camtasia studio, etc. Some of them are not free, however.
>>> We need a Feature Films made for different areas. I can imagine that we
>>> can establish a simple board for submissions and acceptance of such films.
>>> I'll ask Francesco for his opinion. This way we can have a 'green-light' or
>>> we should discuss another story.
>>> I think that feature films should present ONE single nice thing. Let's
>>> say, sculpting. It's easy to make a human head with some details, in few
>>> minutes, using symmetry, dynamic topo, and different tools. Such a movie
>>> needs then be speeded up to not waste time, and the background music can be
>>> added. We should also define a 'standard' format for such movie, and a list
>>> of subjects and topics to cover.
>>> Let's say just for start, that we need more Feature Movies in the
>>> following categories (detailed roadmap needs to be prepared):
>>> 1. Modeling (with meshes, curves, metaballs, surfaces, etc.)
>>> 2. Materials (quick glass, transparent, ssscattering, bump+normals,
>>> specularmaps, emitmaps, nodes, etc)
>>> 3. Textures (procedural, bitmap, mapping, uv, painting)
>>> 4. Node system (composite, material, texture, cycles nodes, and in the
>>> Future - particles and modifiers nodes)
>>> 5. VSE
>>> 6. BGE
>>> 7. Movie tracking (tracking, reconstruction, masking, etc.)
>>> 8. Simulations (particles, softbody/cloth, physics, force-fields, etc)
>>> 9. Dynamic Paint
>>> 10. Rigify,
>>> etc.
>>> A you can see, the list is VERY long and short movies will be rather
>>> numerous if we'd like to show most important, funny parts. This is Blender
>>> Richness! :)
>>> Format of the movies:
>>> 1. We should do this in FullHD format, 1920x1080p, 15fps is enough. Of
>>> course we can downsample them to 720p, but such movies will stay a bit long
>>> and FullHD seems to be best choice. What do you think?
>>> 2. I can prepare such movies if somebody just send me a pack of frames
>>> or raw recordings. I can do this by using Blender, as for all my tutorials
>>> already recorded. This way I can help, if you are interested.
>>> 3. We should try to make best of the best, and if they will be more
>>> submissions, we have to select best of them. I think this is OK approach,
>>> but let's discuss this too.
>>> Who would like to attend to submission committee and who will make
>>> feature movies?
>>> regards
>>> piotr
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