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Lula Borges Hot lulaborges at hotmail.com.br
Thu Nov 21 00:55:51 CET 2013

Hi Varanda,
Thank you

about digest i am sending a private to you.

well, i think that i can show me.
Hi all, I am Lula Borges, public teacher from high school and basic education, but, before everything, an artist.
I even work with music, paint, draw, comics, coloring and animation 2d and 3d.

i discover the Blender after the Corel finish the corel dream (i live it), ans past any time learning 3d studio, that i hate it. much complex to me. I heard from maya, that was my new dream, but, expensive, not have tutos, strong, i not get it. maybe 2005 a friend ask to me about blender, that work as maya and was light, free and open, maybe blender 2,18, i not remmember. 
I made any thing i like, but my hard live not leave me to learn more about the soft.
In 2010 i was invinted to make a short film about the discover from Brazil, using 2D animation, but, in the production i place any images in 3D, and was placing, was placing... Result: A mix from two tecnicals. ugly!!! kkkkkkkk

but after this time i not separate from blender, that i am usind until today.

All films can be seen from my channel from youtube
that wan here: https://www.youtube.com/user/lulareverbo

have maaaaany things that not is animation, but all things made from me.

thank you all, again and hope help. 
Lula Borges

Hello Lula,

This is an amazing news and I hope you can make your wish come true with regards to the animation center in Natal (polo).
I did not understand you last paragraph. 
Be free to write in Portuguese to my private email: mv_email at yahoo.com

Best Regards,
Marcelo Varanda

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