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Lula Borges Hot lulaborges at hotmail.com.br
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Hi Varanda,

The name of the school is Escola Estadual Professora Ana Júlia de Carvalho 
Mousinho, is in Natal/RN/Brazil.
Is a public school, have more schools, but private.
I'm not know if have another public schools in the Brasil, but i can ask to 
forum brazil of blender.

My desire is that have a polo of animation in this state, have the channels, 
but I need joint that.

about the type of sent mail is an antology of daily mails. have another type 
of sent?

thank you,
Hello Lula,

It is nice to know that Blender is part of the High-School where you teach.
Would you mind telling the High School's name? How is the adoption in 
schools across Brazil?
The following link has Tutorials in both PT and BR:

BTW... I did not quite understand your question. Maybe if you elaborate a 
bit further then it will become more clear for the forum.


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Hey all,
i am a teacher from brazil that teach modeling blender to high scholl.
i seeing the site from list is very different that i know, i think will
understand one day future, but now is very poor to my eyes.
hope better in future.
or i understand as functionality

Lula Borges

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