[Bf-education] List of Tutorial websites

Nick Van den Broeck nickvdbroeck at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 19 13:29:14 CET 2013

Hello everyone,

My name is Nick Van den Broeck and this is the first time I contribute to 
this list, so I hope I’m doing it correctely.

Somewhere next year I will be launching a new website called Blender 
Education (www.blendereducation.com). More information on the content and 
purpose of this website will come in due time. But in this context I was 
compiling a list of all websites containing Blender tutorials (either text 
or video or ...). Thus far I have:

·         http://www.blendercookie.com (English)
·         http://www.blenderguru.com (English)
·         http://www.blenderdiplom.com (English)
·         http://www.blendernerd.com (English)
·         http://www.blenderdesh.com (Bengal)
·         http://blenderclan.tuxfamily.org (French)
·         http://www.blenderschool.org (English) & 
http://www.blenderschool.it/ (Italian)
·         http://www.blendercoach.fr (French)
·         http://blendermesh.dasya.com/ (English)
·         http://bensimonds.com/tutorials/ (English)
·         http://www.blenderweb.com.br/ (Portuguese)
·         http://gryllus.net/Blender/3D.html (English)
·         http://www.geblendert.de/ (Deutch)
·         http://blenderhd.wordpress.com/ (English)
·         http://www.blendergeek.co.za/ (English)
·         http://blendernewbies.blogspot.be/ (English)
·         http://www.blenderTutor.com  (English)
·         http://www.cgmasters.net/  (English)
·         http://www.blenderpedia.com/ (English)
·         http://www.littlewebhut.com/blender/ (English)
·         http://cg.tutsplus.com/category/tutorials/blender/ (English)
·         http://www.katsbits.com/tutorials/ (English)
·         http://blendersushi.blogspot.be (English – focused on OSL)
·         https://sites.google.com/site/tutblenderbr/home (Portuguese)

Most of these are English websites, but I'm betting many more exist and in 
different languages.

My question is if anyone knows more websites containing Blender tutorials. 
If so, please send them to me, either by using thes mailinglist, or directly 
to info at blendereducation.com
It is my intention to publish and maintane this list on my website. Once I 
it is online, I will send another mail here reporting the link.

Thanks in Advance for any responses,
best regards

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