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Hi All,

This came across the Victorian ICT Education lists and I think it would be
a way for Australian Educators to collaborate on the new curriculum. So it
should be worth signing up to.

Jamie Le Rossignol

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Subject: [Yr7-10it] Digital Technologies MOOC: Implementing the Australian
Curriculum Learning Area
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This is a MOOC about the new Australian Digital Technologies curriculum
(Foundation-6) that is being run by the University of Adelaide. It is free
to join and now open for registrations. I have been asked by some primary
schools to explain how they can best implement the new Australian Digital
Technologies Curriculum next year.

Please share this course with any colleagues who may be interested this
increasingly popular form of online learning.

> https://csdigitaltech.appspot.com/preview
> Digital Technologies MOOC: Implementing the Australian Curriculum
Learning Area
> This course will explain the fundamentals of digital technology and
computational thinking specifically addressing learning objectives of the
Australian Digital Technologies curriculum (Foundation-6). Come learn about
how digital technology can be integrated into your classroom, exploring
example lesson plans, and helping form a community designed to share
resources and support.
> Starts March 2014, registrations open now.

Regards Roland


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