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Hi all,
I'd fill out the survey I lecture with blender in a simulated Games and VFX  Studio within the college wish to eventually commercialize some of the games produced by the studio so it ceases to be simulated however it would be a challenge passing it by the organizations legal dept however from my perspective the studio model is working well for us and as I have mentioned before blender is the backbone of our project production pipelines. :)

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Ow, that's good idea.
We also will need some research about how Blender is taught to collect some best/worst practices.
Francesco, if you like the idea, I can prepare proposal of a survey for data collection for further discussion and potential use.


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2013/11/5 Francesco Siddi <francesco.siddi at gmail.com<mailto:francesco.siddi at gmail.com>>
At the moment the forum is down, but all relevant information will be accessible again in the future when needed.
We plan to move the discussion on educational topics on the Blender Network forum, soon to be announced!


On November 5, 2013 at 11:10:49 PM, Peppe Cirotti (puntoblu at ice.co.cr<mailto://puntoblu@ice.co.cr>) wrote:

Right now the link is dead.
Seems that changing to new Blender site scrambled link.
Hope to see the forum online again soon; i too prefer a forum setting to
newsgroup for the same reason

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