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Hi John & others,

I'm an Australian secondary school teacher running a blender short course
for our students, nothing fancy just a taster. I've had some deallings with
Certiport and since our school also runs some Tertiary Trade/TAFE sector
certificates. There was no support and little need to additional Industry

However, I do have some questions about the Industry Certifications. Most
online tests is True/False or multi choice, do this follow the same line,
or does it include short or long answer questions?

I'm asking because I'm happy to help build up a collection of questions as
I'll be writing the class exam in the next 4 weeks, well the theory part

Jamie Le Rossignol

On 23 May 2013 00:53, Knapp <magick.crow at gmail.com> wrote:

>  If not, is there someone out there with the ability to make it
> happen?   Sincerely, John Caldwell, Computer Arts Teacher, Miami
> Central High School.
> Looks to me like you are the person to make this test. I am sure
> finding a computer home on the net would be easy. Every time I have
> had an idea someone was there with a free server. I bet Ton would
> support you efforts and that leaves just the last step of the gov.
> That seems simple because the software is free and used to produce
> professional projects. You might want to also hunt up a list of these
> projects. Last post on something like Blender Artists or News and ask
> for help with the project once you have decided to lead it and have
> done the groundwork.
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