[Bf-education] STEM Educator Seeks "Blender In The Bay"

lhall at 3ddesigncreations.com lhall at 3ddesigncreations.com
Thu May 2 17:57:19 CEST 2013

Hello Rafiki,

  My name is Layne Hall and I am not a Cert. Blender Trainer, however  
I do use Blender professionally 100%. Mainly modeling some animation  
etc. I do live a few hours north of you Grass Valley Ca. and might be  
able to give you some face time. I do not know everything (not even  
close) about the software but I might be able to get you started. I  
picked up Blender about 3 years ago and spent a 2 years (thank God for  
my wife's awesome job) doing nothing but learning the program and the  
basics of modeling, animation and rigging, materials-textures, UV  
mapping, topology, basic particle systems and Blender physics hard  
body soft body etc, and more.

Like others have said there are 100s of tutorials out there, most of  
them are great and will teach you something no matter what version was  
used to make the tutorial.

There is an advantage to face to face learning especially for a  
beginner and because Blender has been great to me for the past 8  
months I would be willing to help a future BH if our schedules and  
time allows.


Quoting Rafiki Cai | Technologist-In-Residence <rcai3 at usfca.edu>:

> Blessings and Peace:
> I am a technologist and educator, tasked with exposing first generation
> college applicants to the possibilities inside of Science, Technology,
> Engineering and
> Math (STEM).
> Video has become such a digital capital these days, from a number of
> perspectives.
> I'd like to incorporate video into my Web Application Development seminar
> this summer, even though I have no strength in video and media arts.
> What would I like to accomplish visa vi Blender?
> 1) showcase the dynamics of Open Source culture (i.e., creative crowd
> sourcing)
> 2) basic exposure to Blender (to the point of building background elements
> for green screen video footage)
> ------
> Bay Area Blender Masters, I need you.  I need you to school me on Blender:
> a train the trainer sort of thing.  (I'm thinking mostly virtually so, with
> some face-to-face meets- if possible.)
> I searched for a Blender Meet-Up in the Bay Area but found none.  Thus, I'm
> turning to this list.
> Looking forward to responses.
> In Service of THE ONENESS,
> Rafiki "The Digital Doctor" Cai

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