[Bf-education] STEM Educator Seeks "Blender In The Bay"

Roger Sexton rds2 at q.com
Wed May 1 05:45:48 CEST 2013

I am in Phoenix, Arizona and can not travel at this time.  Sorry, but the only way we might meet is on the phone.


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Roger, I'm appreciative of your taking time to respond.
I will take note of the tutorials, but everybody has their 
optimum learning styles.

Actual in-person tutelage would yield the best results for me.
While I am a technologist and daily laud the potential power
of technology, I also acknowledge that old fashion apprentice
style transfer of skills and knowledge will always have their
honored place.

If you're in The Bay, I could surely welcome you to the USF campus
and lunch, in exchange for your tutelage.


On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 8:24 PM, Roger Sexton <rds2 at q.com> wrote:

Do you know that there are free tutorials for Blender on CGGraphics.com, I think.  Since you get on the Blender web site you should be able to find them if I got the web site wrong.  Some of the tutorials are fee and can be downloaded.  I don't have an internet hookup so I do all my net work on the College Computer internet system.  I am learning a lot using those tutorials.  You can listen to them and watch them over and over and learn more.


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Subject: [Bf-education] STEM Educator Seeks "Blender In The Bay"

Blessings and Peace:

I am a technologist and educator, tasked with exposing first generation college applicants to the possibilities inside of Science, Technology, Engineering and 
Math (STEM).

Video has become such a digital capital these days, from a number of perspectives.
I'd like to incorporate video into my Web Application Development seminar this summer, even though I have no strength in video and media arts.

What would I like to accomplish visa vi Blender?

1) showcase the dynamics of Open Source culture (i.e., creative crowd sourcing)

2) basic exposure to Blender (to the point of building background elements for green screen video footage)


Bay Area Blender Masters, I need you.  I need you to school me on Blender: a train the trainer sort of thing.  (I'm thinking mostly virtually so, with some face-to-face meets- if possible.)

I searched for a Blender Meet-Up in the Bay Area but found none.  Thus, I'm turning to this list.

Looking forward to responses.

In Service of THE ONENESS,
Rafiki "The Digital Doctor" Cai

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