[Bf-education] Bf-education Digest, Vol 91, Issue 1

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 18:51:11 CEST 2013

For those interested in gamification (simplest implementations usually
is Points, Badges, Leaderboards - PBL),

there is an excellent free course on coursera that explains
implementing gamification.

One important concept is that some are very easy to achieve - you want
to very gradually lead people from 'I know nothing' to learning the
basic concepts, to doing complicated participation - so yes
demonstrating basic wiki concepts (sign up for your the wiki, and edit
your personal wiki page OR take a quick quiz on basic wiki concepts)
would certainly be something worth doing a badge for.  Along with
badges having a point system and leaderboard are also valuable.  Then
you don't have to hand out badges as often (making them a more
valuable reward), and points can be scaled to difficulty.

For those with basic python skills - give 'checkio.org' a try, it has
a good implementation of 'PBL' for learning/improving python skills
via simple programming puzzles (things life graph searches, string
manimpulations, etc.)

Some of the badges are quiet trivial to achieve, and some puzzles are
only 5 points.  (Ie a rank beginner can do them).  But the more
challenging badges can require solving a large number of the advanced
puzzles, and achieving large number of points.  Also there are levels
and unlocking after achieving certain amounts of points.


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