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On 15 June 2013 22:55, Kesten Broughton <solarmobiletrailers at gmail.com>wrote:

> I like this idea very much.
> I think we want to encourage paid-instruction/professional-use of blender,
> but just as many companies have free and then commercial offerings of their
> product, do you think we could offer tier-0 badges for demonstrated
> knowledge of wiki-based concepts?  It would even be great to have internal,
> wiki-team badges to encourage and reward contributions.
> kesten
The basic way I see it working is that Training Orgs would pay the Blender
Foundation to supply the badges. If Badges for wiki concepts were offered
then it reduces the perceived quality of the earned badges. And who would
verify the gaining of these wiki concepts?
I'd know that as a group we could put together a series of questions that
could test someone's knowledge. An online test could do it, but what is
stopping the learner from just learning the answers?
I have personally found as a professional educator in Australia that simple
test questions (e.i. true/ false, multiple choice, and badly worded short
answer) do not truly check the knowledge learned. However, the other end of
the spectrum (ie long answer questions, observed project work) require the
presence of someone who knows.
What if the wiki changes because of a shift in version?  Is the badge only
valid for that version or a how run of versions, such as the 2.6x?

A simple thing, like the the Bevel tool (Crtl + B), it showed up in a
youtube demo I was watching, but not in the version I was using, after some
checking I found it was in the experimental version. In the next version it
worked differently to the demo, so I had to adapt. It settled down later to
match what I had seen. I hope this example shows the dynamic nature of Open
Source Software development and how we are trying to create an easy path
into this software over the slowly shifting sands of a great desert of
knowledge.  I see my role as linking critical concepts (an oasis) with good
practise (paths & trails) to complete a complex project (a journey from one
side to the other).

Sorry if my responses are scattered, but it's been along day.
J. Le Rossignol
W: impossibleemporium.com
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