[Bf-education] Call for participation. Like you I don't have much in financing and will not be able to go to the meet-up. I am also attending college.

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Dear all,

I would like to invite any member of this list, or friends of this list
members present in Sweden to gather to a meet-up:

The purpose of this meet-up is to gather blenderheads together in
Stockholm, in order to set up a strategy to make the Swedish school
system aware of Blender as a multi-platform, fair and advantageous
production kit. I took the liberty to formulate this initiative in an
attempt, and with the strong desire to contribute to the blender
community, without being a master artist or a having the skills to teach
how to use it.

The idea is basically to create working opportunities for Blender
Artists in Swedish schools. Not only because it is a truly potent piece
of software, but also because it is a great starting point to create
awareness for GPLicensed software within the teaching community.

To achieve this, we need to set up a plan to "sell blender in" to the
school system. My limited experience in 3d modeling, graphics and/or
film making requires me to ask you for help, since in writing moment i
could not take on a teacher job myself nor point out ALL the advantages
blender is offering over other software choices. What i do have is
experience in promotion of Libre Software through the coordination of
the free culture section in the French speaking community meetings:
Rencontre Mondial Du Logiciel Libre (or LMS in English rmll.info)

I think and hope this could create a lot of opportunities for
blenderheads to earn a decent living from their passion, and also
democratize the way the Swedish school system is dealing with software
and licenses. Also, because of the international reputation of Swedish
design schools, in the long term perhaps even provide blender artists
world wide with the same opportunities.

For freedom in time and with optimistic salutes,
Set Hallstrom
AKA Sakrecoer

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