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Oskar Jungell oskar.jungell at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 22:55:37 CEST 2013

This sounds interesting.
I was employed by the University of Gotland as a mentor in 3D modeling, for
a short period of time, before they merged with Uppsala University. I did
not teach Blender, as the students either used 3Ds Max or Maya. But I did
show them every modeling example using Blender. Many of the teachers and
the head of the game/graphics department showed interest in Blender. So
there is definitely a chance here. I think the problem is that they don't
recognize Blender as a part of the professional software-ecosystem and it's
hard to find qualified people.

I would probably not attend a physical meeting in Stockholm as I have
virtually no money at all and I am currently looking for work in Norrland.
So if we could turn this into something else, an online meeting maybe, I
think more people would attend. Though the outcome of a meeting like this
will probably be greater if the meeting is physical.

Either way, I am interested in contributing in some form.

Oskar Jungell

2013/7/16 Set Hallstrom <sakrecoer at gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> I would like to invite any member of this list, or friends of this list
> members present in Sweden to gather to a meet-up:
> http://www.meetup.com/Blender/Stockholm-SE/987622/?a=bn6_l1
> The purpose of this meet-up is to gather blenderheads together in
> Stockholm, in order to set up a strategy to make the Swedish school
> system aware of Blender as a multi-platform, fair and advantageous
> production kit. I took the liberty to formulate this initiative in an
> attempt, and with the strong desire to contribute to the blender
> community, without being a master artist or a having the skills to teach
> how to use it.
> The idea is basically to create working opportunities for Blender
> Artists in Swedish schools. Not only because it is a truly potent piece
> of software, but also because it is a great starting point to create
> awareness for GPLicensed software within the teaching community.
> To achieve this, we need to set up a plan to "sell blender in" to the
> school system. My limited experience in 3d modeling, graphics and/or
> film making requires me to ask you for help, since in writing moment i
> could not take on a teacher job myself nor point out ALL the advantages
> blender is offering over other software choices. What i do have is
> experience in promotion of Libre Software through the coordination of
> the free culture section in the French speaking community meetings:
> Rencontre Mondial Du Logiciel Libre (or LMS in English rmll.info)
> I think and hope this could create a lot of opportunities for
> blenderheads to earn a decent living from their passion, and also
> democratize the way the Swedish school system is dealing with software
> and licenses. Also, because of the international reputation of Swedish
> design schools, in the long term perhaps even provide blender artists
> world wide with the same opportunities.
> For freedom in time and with optimistic salutes,
> --
> Set Hallstrom
> AKA Sakrecoer
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> are worth humanity.
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