[Bf-education] Call for Help for Subtitles Review for TOS Video Tutorials

- LEON - leon4you at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 05:20:57 CET 2013

Hi all,
I've been making subtitles for all video tutorials coming withTOS DVD
(Tears of Steel). The reason I'm doing this is to break the language
barriers for those who are not quite good at English, like most of the
users in my country, who are not so good at English listening (even
possible for the user group among the world to do the translation based on
it, if necessary. In fact, BlenderCN is already on
the Chinese translation based on the currently finished subtitles from
me). So, I’m surely glad to fnish and release them to all.

In order to ensure the accuracy on what the tutors are talking about, I've
asked all 3 tutors themselves for the review, which are Sebastian König,
Nicolò Zubbini and Kjartan Tysdal. Lucky for me is that they are all
willing to help on this, and we are almost there! (Thank you all, great

Now I really need someone who are also quite good at English to help
reviewing the last 4 of them, which are Nicolò‘s video tutorials, since
he's too busy to continue helping on this in time. So I really appreciated
if someone could help us continue on this. For anyone who are in, your help
will surely be mentioned in the final release.

To avoid repeated work, I think it's better to send the files to the
volunteer(s) separately, so, anyone interested (better got the DVD in
hand) please let me know. Thank you in advance!

Leon Cheung
a.k.a. 老猫
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