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Wobbe F. Koning wobbe at siggraph.org
Mon Feb 11 22:48:05 CET 2013

Hi all,

Thanks for all the reactions and I am happy to tell you that the Birds 
of a Feather session "Open Source in Graphics Education" has been 
tentatively scheduled for Monday afternoon 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. That 
being the Monday of the SIGGRAPH conference, July 22.

The panelists may change, but I am pasting the proposal below.

Hope to all see you there!



----------------------------------------- Here is the description:

Open Source in Graphics Education

Purchasing, maintaining and upgrading software licenses is one of the 
major financial burdens for programs teaching 3D computer animation 
[Aoki, 2011] In academia, can using Free and Open Source software (FOSS) 
be a viable alternative, or is it essential that students learn to use 
the "industry standard" software? In computer science the use of FOSS 
seems to be more pervasive than in the visual Arts though there are Art 
programs do heavily rely on it. This open panel discussion will explore 
the possibilities and different approaches of using FOSS in Computer 
Graphics education.

Wobbe F. Koning - Montclair State University

Morgan Barnard - Art Department, Long Beach City College
Jason van Grumster - Handturkey Studios, Author of "Blender for Dummies" 
and the "GIMP Bible"
William Joel - Chair, Computer Science, Western Connecticut State University


Wobbe F. Koning
websysadmin, ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee
wobbe at siggraph.org

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