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Hi Lula,

Please check on our logo guidelines and downloads for properly shaped versions:

Apart from that, we have the www.blendernetwork.org project too, which is our official partnership program. Colleges (education aimed at training future professionals) are eligble to become member, and they can advertise that partnership on their sites.

For other education efforts (like highschools), we could provide a set of promotion material (logos, screenshots, images) which they can use to put on their sites, so they can use it to advertise their courses. Such promotional material I prefer to see carefully designed by an experienced graphics artist though.



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On 25 Dec, 2013, at 21:02, Lula Borges Hot wrote:

> Hello to all ,
> Seeing all mails, I look that could not exist a  SINGLE COURSE of Blender worldwide , because I teach my way, others teach in their own way , some prefer tutorials , other online courses, etc.
> I like to talk about my form, because, despite working for the government , I , as a teacher, I am free to choose what course is best for my students , with my books , my schedule , class I want to work .
> As I said earlier , I am a high school teacher and university extension and see that Blender is very well accepted by all.
> Well , thinking about that, I figured it would not create a CERTIFICATE for schools that teach Blender ( at any level ) , but a seal. a stamp that could be used in any school , because these standards have their certificates , the seal of Blender Foudation to seal the course , or courses , that " any school” could offer the community.
> The seal would be like a signature that appear below the signature coordinators , principals, teachers ...
> I believe that there should be also a limitation to provide this seal , perhaps the level of software , or operating system , something , that is not " any school " that displays the seal on their certificates .
> An interesting idea would be registering schools and Blender this stamp would have a number or bar code that identify this school , this may be a ean code 13 , ean 8 , Pharmacode , upc -e , whatever, maybe the Blender Foundation itself could create its own kind of code is not hard .
> Finally , an idea to be increased to the possibility of project. if so , would be remembered by it.
> To a final proposition, sending these possible designs that can be used .
> Seal - https://www.dropbox.com/s/cpad2jk6e9nvuev/blender%20seal.jpg
> Any model certified - https://www.dropbox.com/s/co775xev6xekahx/blender%20certified%20model%20to%20place.jpg
> Hugs,
> Lula Borges
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