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Hello to all ,

Seeing all mails, I look that could not exist a  SINGLE COURSE of Blender worldwide , because I teach my way, others teach in their own way , some prefer tutorials , other online courses, etc.

I like to talk about my form, because, despite working for the government , I , as a teacher, I am free to choose what course is best for my students , with my books , my schedule , class I want to work .

As I said earlier , I am a high school teacher and university extension and see that Blender is very well accepted by all.

Well , thinking about that, I figured it would not create a CERTIFICATE for schools that teach Blender ( at any level ) , but a seal. a stamp that could be used in any school , because these standards have their certificates , the seal of Blender Foudation to seal the course , or courses , that " any school” could offer the community.

The seal would be like a signature that appear below the signature coordinators , principals, teachers ...

I believe that there should be also a limitation to provide this seal , perhaps the level of software , or operating system , something , that is not " any school " that displays the seal on their certificates .

An interesting idea would be registering schools and Blender this stamp would have a number or bar code that identify this school , this may be a ean code 13 , ean 8 , Pharmacode , upc -e , whatever, maybe the Blender Foundation itself could create its own kind of code is not hard .

Finally , an idea to be increased to the possibility of project. if so , would be remembered by it.

To a final proposition, sending these possible designs that can be used .

Seal - https://www.dropbox.com/s/cpad2jk6e9nvuev/blender%20seal.jpg
Any model certified - https://www.dropbox.com/s/co775xev6xekahx/blender%20certified%20model%20to%20place.jpg

Lula Borges
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