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I was about to mail that to this list :) But I also invited the author of this text to join this group first.

My reply to him was:


The bottom line is really that we can't afford to hire people to develop a good quality curriculum or certification testing program. I've recently looked up again how Adobe handles it, and their program is really good and very attractive. It's been a multi-million investment they did in that, which they can afford easily.

I'm often challenging the educators on the list to join efforts to build such a program together. Coordinating volunteers is also a tedious job, for which I'm just not available either. I've got my hands tied with too many projects already.

Best we can do is to first raise awareness, and second to get the simplest possible steps started towards such training support for high schools and colleges around the world.


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On 24 Dec, 2013, at 16:38, Octavio Mendez wrote:

> Hello again and Merry Christmas all :D
> did you see this? http://www.pasteall.org/48220
> Last time we talk about the certification topic, someone told BF ask wait to not interfere with some ones peoples work who was researching about.
> Do you know how research is going?, can we help?
> Greetings from Mexico to all :)
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