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Mon Dec 23 02:04:41 CET 2013

Australia has a wonderful system via vocational education.  Most "englsih
speaking" countries such as USA, Canada, UK, India, probably have similar
systems that can easily use "Austrialia Succeess Model" easily via their
"state" or "community based"  experimental protocols related Blender &
Other 3D Animation "technician" training.

I proposed we try to the "Australia" success model as a case for perhaps
one community based urban area in several nations who might agree to such
experiments, that in fact can strengthen Australia also by seeing the

How do we approach Blender.org and a suitable organization in Austrialia to
try this out in a small scale before role out larger ?

Since Blender.ORg is a non-profit, 501-c-3 organization I think in USA, we
can get funding from a foundation perhaps as I would be glad to help find
in USA "experment"  with a community who volunteers for such "small scale
pilot" if agreeone agrees that this worth doing.

Let's find a way to go beyond "conversation" tos some sort of  "pilot"
action to strengthen the education system on a commuity basis as pilot in
several nations where this can be done easily.

Avi Dey
Fairfax, VA

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> Hi James,
> FYI: In Australia, in vocational education (i.e. workplace focused,
> generally lower than a degree), there is a concept of Recognition of Prior
> Learning, whereby there may be no training/instruction delivered and the
> candidate provides a evidence folder based on an agreed criteria.
> However, the candidate is assessed by a qualified individual who is
> employed
> by a registered training organisation (RTO) and the assessment itself may
> be
> subject to review and audit by an external regulator. RTOs must ensure
> their
> standards are high or they can be deregistered (there goes the business!).
> This robust process and regulation ensures that candidates that have
> achieved accreditation really do have the necessary knowledge and skills to
> support their qualification.
>         - andrew
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> I may be off topic, but education and certification in Blender 3D with no
> teachers and or instructors is something I am not sure I would endorse.  A
> BA from a site with automated oversight? I can become a Reverend for 25
> bucks on-line, that will not make me a very good one. I would tell an
> employer, yes I got my BA free on-line from a site. Might lack credibility.
> James Halliwell
> Montreal QC
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