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joshex joshex1 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 21 12:02:30 CET 2013

Hi, I came up with a rather neat Idea, I'm sure the blender foundation could manage it after a bit of research, An open source blender college, preset criteria will detail whats necessary to get a bachelors in animation (using blender) or a bachelor's in game design (using blender) those criteria will be "tasks" with defined requirements based on regulated Degree requirements set forth by an accredidation organization (you can find them quite easily and they do state what the reqirements for a bachelor's degree in the areas of computer science are and what the requirements for a BA art are.)

because the requirements are out in the open for all to see we wont need teachers or anything just grading criteria and rubriks.

So I wrote a bit more on blender artists, I'd encourage the devs to take a look and see if they can set it up.


I'd personally love it if I could get a degree in game design this way.

the final plan is to have it be an entirely free way for blender users to get a degree whilst in return building a huge blender repository filled with fancy animations, games, models and scripts under the GPL which in turn will attract businesses to utilize blender and have a demand for blender artists, which I'm certain will generate donations to the Blender Foundation.
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