[Bf-education] About building blender with vs2008, cmake on win7 os.

Marcelo V mv_email at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 9 17:38:40 CET 2013

I had many problems building to Win so I got that fine using Linux. The 
only step missing for the Linux instructions was to install libopenexr which you can do as following:
sudo apt-get install libopenexr-dev

However, I guess you are asking a question to the wrong list. The developers list is Bf-commiters
Good luck there.

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Subject: [Bf-education] About building blender with vs2008, cmake on win7 os.

Hello everyone.
As a starter, I was trying to building blender today according to the instruction:

And the tools I used were vs2008, cmake, and win7. However, when I was building the INSTALL project, I got some error which said than: isspace is not a member of std.
Did I got wrong somewhere?


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