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Dear Avi,

I did not make any research about the subject but I will comment the video based on my observations.
I may be completely wrong but let me proceed anyways:

The dancers are not 3D models. They are real people with dancing with a green screen on background.
The image is being mixed and filters for increasing saturation and contrast.

Each dancer wears a glove with pre-selected/known colors where the position are being tracked. The SW processing the image compare the hands position against a pattern in the time domain to give a rate (Good/Bad/etc). I would even bet that if you only place the hands in the right place you may get a "Good" from your virtual instructor even without following the dance.

I do not see any relation of this image processing with Blender. Blender could be used for modeling better virtual instructor but this would be done in development time, not in real time.

Anyways... I do not see any way Blender could be used to implement this in real time.
Suggestion... take a look at OpenCV and other libraries to help you with image processing and a game engine tool or even OpenGL to perform what you need in real time.

Have fun,

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December 05, 2013
Dance Animation Using Blender Plus Featured Video Projects
Current Topic:  I am now looking deeper into Dance 3D Animation Popular Tool.  There is one such tool stands out  based on my brief search today
as to what is popular among dance animation.
One of the most successful companies in 3D Dance Animation music video games is  Ubisoft .   T
heir  Just Dance 3D Game Series uses the Dance Animation Software Engine so called 3D Gesture Recognition Middleware by a company located in Belgium .  Their popular 3D tool is called  SoftKinetic iisu
Below is a sample of what Softkinetic issu powered a most popular dance animation game that I just found in utube. 
Jailhouse Rock by Ubisoft  (Elvis Presley Classic) 
Question:  The "Learning Curve" for doing something like this using blender 3D is likely far more difficult than getting access to Softkinetic IISU.
This is the topic I hope to be able to discuss in a forum for those who have a serious interest in non-commercial heritage music that are still popular in countries like Poland, Canada and  the "Cowboy Rock" >From Texas, USA, that has a link to heritage and cultures that grew up in America in the last 200 years.
Comments anyone ?
Avi Dey
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