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December 02, 2013

Blender Artists Circle Applying Post World War II "Community
Twining" Success Model of Europe For Community Vitality__Your Community and
Mine !

Conversation:  Tech Innovators Family Circle__Cafe Twin

Fairfax VA Community Forum called Fairfax Underground hosted
by Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, the largest chamber in Virginia .
This protocol is available for any other community use if a request is made
to the Chamber for your own community use.

There is no cost to particpate as we believe strongly in "democracy and
responsbility" go hand in hand for quality of life and our mutual
dependence to seek prosperity and well being on an individual, family, and
community level.

People who live in our community here in Fairfax, VA, a community of 2
milion people, celebrating many "ethnic voices" as we have the best ethnic
cafes, shops, and businesses started by such ethnics from many
nationalities of the world.

Here is one of my discussions I just started few months ago.

 Tech Innovators Family Circle__Cafe Twin
Posted by: *cafetwinv
Date: September 29, 2013 07:59AM

September 29, 2013

Topic: A Neighbor to Neighbor Greetings
>From Avi Dey, Cafe Twin Show Producer

Piotr, let me know if  the Chamber of Commerce in your town in Poland might
be interested in adopting this "Fairfax Underground Forum" for your own
town perhaps in future ?

I have done my due dilligence of  community forums that are available
elsewhere. This is clearly one of the best in my due dilligence.

We can use this to strengthen "Blender Artists" in your community and mine
working with others with artistic or science background and intersts, Cafe

Makes Sense ?

Avi Dey
Cafe Twin
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