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Hello, Nick Van den Broeck, greetings!

I also would like to get to the point the discussion was over last time. I
have the feeling that there are some 'cases' which are briefly discussed at
this list, but no clue is ever achieved. For the last year or two there
were several subjects which just died silently (i.e. my question about BFCT

So, to let this not die as usual, I volunteer myself to organize the
subject and finally put the collected summary of discussions to the WIKI
for example. Maybe it requires something more, but WIKI can be easily
modified by everybody and we can just prepare there some things. And it
already exists. I've did some WIKI edits for "feature films" rush recently
also mentioned at this list (but it was not needed for that). Of course, if
you agree and there will be a will to get to some point.

Speaking of the tests, we can definitely share our experience what is good
task for students for learn/try and for exam/grade. I am usually giving a
bit complex tasks for learning that for exams. So, here are some questions
to think of:

1. We should collect good examples of tasks which both require specific
knowledge and can be easily judged and graded by the teacher. Some examples
I gave already and I can elaborate about this more with examples of good
and bad solutions.

2. We can make a list for different subjects of that tasks. They can be our
'proposal of requirements' for good task system for grading.

3. Somebody from BF could approve this or reject and we can finally have
good set of 'official tasks' or we'll have nothing as it is now.

But the grading system performed by different schools in different courses
do not need to involve Blender Foundation at all. I don't think BF will
sign every paper or justify thousands of exams passed with such 'official'
tests. But we can create such set just to help a bit with standardize
Education at least a bit.

Piotr Arlukowicz
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2013/12/4 Nick Van den Broeck <nickvdbroeck at hotmail.com>

>   Hello everyone,
> I’m new to the mailing list, so I’m not up to speed with the earlier
> discussions. But just for absolute clarity.
> *Your talking about certificates that a university can hand to its
> students. So the idea is that we/someone creates a number of standardized
> tests. Each university/school/educator can then give this tests to their
> students and if the student passes (based on the opinion of the specific
> educator, who should base himself on guidelines given together with the
> tests) then the students gets a certificate signed by the
> university/educator.*
> *I can imagine that this certificate will read something as*
> *“The university of blablabla hereby states that student blablabla has
> fullfilled the Blender Foundation standardized tests and is therefore
> awarded with the certificate ‘Blender beginner modeler’”*
> *The purpose would be for an employer to be able to better judge the
> qualities of applicants and to have some kind of international benchmark
> that educators can use.*
> *What would such a test be? For the modeling I can imagine giving a few
> reference pictures of e.g. cars/buildings/persons and ask a student to
> model this within a certain amount of time (e.g. one hard surface model and
> one organic model). Then, also give a list of features/techniques/quota for
> the educator to judge. Perhapse even accompanied with a ‘theoretical’
> (multiple choise) test to see if a student knows about different
> functionalities and tools in Blender.*
> *The idea is to make such tests for different area’s of blender (modeling,
> animating, textering & compositing, BGE, ...) and for different levels
> (beginner, moderate, advanced).*
> Did I get the idea?
> If yes, then I have a second question which might help the discussion
> forward and also help all other new people: What were the problems in the
> last discussion? What stopped this idea from materializing last time?
> Thirdly, is there a lot of demand for this?
> Fianally, I think that if we want to get something like this done, we need
> to make small groups of people setting up specific tests (so yes, perhapse
> a page on the wiki or forum is a good idea).
> Regards
> Nick
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