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Piotr Arlukowicz piotao at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 16:20:29 CET 2013

Hi Dolf,

nice to hear from you! :)
I don't give a certification during a normal study courses, the University
is for that. So, Blender classes are included in the whole process as a
small part although typical course I made lasts for 60-120 hours. If I am
doing also a standalone course for business or a company, I am usually
creating my own certificate, but it is far from BFCT and we know that can
be done just like that. It depends of the level of the course.

Blender exams I've done are of two types in general: they can check
detailed knowledge/skill or be a project-related. The first category is
very rigid, the second is more artistic oriented and the overall quality
and mood are important.

By the way, we are talking about more than one thing:
- tasks for people who wish to pass some Blender Education classes
- certification process for Blender Education
- certification process for Blender Foundation Certified Trainer

So, let's not make a mess and lets focus on particular things, maybe in a
separate threads?

btw Dolf, we have things to do, you know :)

Piotr Arlukowicz
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2013/12/4 Dolf Veenvliet <dolf at macouno.com>

> Hi everyone,
> This discussion has indeed been going, on and off, for multiple years.
> Piotr: you talk a lot about the tasks you set your students, but not their
> exams... and perhaps that is what this discussion is about? How do you
> decide your students finished the course successfully, or failed?
> Octavio, do you have students asking your for certification? And if so...
> certification as what? And... if so... then do you already give them a
> certificate? We can all always give students a piece of paper that says
> they completed a course in Blender that we taught... and if you are a
> certified trainer, that could already be worth a lot? Is the Blender
> foundation needed for this, or is it just a couple teachers getting
> together?
> Is it a good idea to do Blender certification (blender basics/advanced),
> or Skill based certification (3d modelling/animation)?
> And... how to test this? Some basic 3d knowledge can be done multiple
> choice, but I guess there will always be a part that's
> "artistic/subjective".
> Dp;f
> On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 2:21 PM, Guillermo J Ferro P <gferrop at gmail.com>wrote:
>> I am very interested
>> 2013/12/4 Octavio Mendez <octavio at g-blender.org>
>>> Hello everyone!
>>> Time ago we discuss about a blender user certification on this list, and
>>> sadly we do not reach any result. Since then, has been growing interest in
>>> the subject by blender students, schools, and training centers.
>>> I would like to bring back the topic and see if we can work together on
>>> that:
>>> Ton suggests not to put the efforts on the certification itself, but on
>>> the creation of standardized tests (like "Basic modeling") and offer
>>> this to schools and colleges to certify students with.
>>> He suggest to: "you can name it very smart in a way people perceive it
>>> as official, but the certificate would still be officiallly issued by the
>>> school itself. It is what Adobe does for photoshop for example."
>>> Who are interested? :)
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