[Bf-education] Blender user certification

Octavio Mendez octavio at g-blender.org
Wed Dec 4 11:16:05 CET 2013

Hello everyone!

Time ago we discuss about a blender user certification on this list, and
sadly we do not reach any result. Since then, has been growing interest in
the subject by blender students, schools, and training centers.

I would like to bring back the topic and see if we can work together on

Ton suggests not to put the efforts on the certification itself, but on the
creation of standardized tests (like "Basic modeling") and offer this to
schools and colleges to certify students with.

He suggest to: "you can name it very smart in a way people perceive it as
official, but the certificate would still be officiallly issued by the
school itself. It is what Adobe does for photoshop for example."

Who are interested? :)

*Octavio A. Méndez Sánchez*
octavio at g-blender.org
044 473 1034906
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