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With specific respect to "3)", that kind of information/material should be 
for **internal use only** and should *never* be made public, *ever*. There 
are a good number of legal requirements where the 'collection', 'storage' 
and 'use' of private individuals information (Personally Identifiable 
Information) is concerned, even more so where web sites are involved. In 
essence just because users of Facebook and other social media are quite 
blasé about issues of privacy doesn't mean there aren't inherent problems 
associated with it, so be mindful of that if you're teaching/training.

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Give your review on this suggestion about Blender Certification:

1) Let the people or students choose what they gonna show in test, not like
Beginner, Intermediate,  expert etc. but like Modeling Plane, Animating
Plane, Rigging Pilot.

2) Let them choose the time they gonna take to complete the task. If they
wanna model something, they can take 2 Hrs or 4 Hrs . Or if someone wanna
make a short film during his certification test then he/she can take 2 days
or 1 week.
(They will be provided a system with blender and will be ensured that if
he/she is using any Pre-Material then it should be noted down.)

3) Put the final output on Certification website with the information like
"time taken (excluding Render time)", "Place of test" etc. This will allow
full transparency in the process.
And Url can be provided on the Certificate as well.

Shashank Duhan 

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