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Edwin Pilobello e_pilobello at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 18:06:59 CEST 2012

I've done 4th graders, but not any younger.  One thing I've found with younger students is that it's better to hold off on the keyboard shortcuts.  Blending using the menus works for starters.  Actually, even my older students start out with menus only but very quickly get into keyboard shortcuts.  Animating the BBB butterfly would probably work.  It renders fairly quickly and has few moving parts.  I suppose stacking and coloring an ice cream cone would be fun.

Robert wrote: =========================================
  What ideas do you have on sparking a 1st grader's imagination or interest?
  I was thinking of showing previews from BBB, a Blender3d demo reel, 
some gallery objects, BlendSwap, and some animations, then opening up 
templates, change colors in the compositor, and show them how to modify 
basic content and render out a scene. I have 50 minutes to schedule 
around. This is a nice opportunity to educate. Suggestions or ideas 
would be great!(I'm also trying to work with average attention span 
limits  ~ 6-10 minutes per video/demo)

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