[Bf-education] Blender3d Field trip with 4th graders

Robert robert4nof at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 09:39:46 CEST 2012

So about 120 4th graders came to learn more about college and take a 
pseudo-lecture of Blender3d.

This is a blend I built where students changed their name and rendered 
out a picture for one of the activities.

Teaching Digital Art to Increase Confidence with Computers is my 
undergraduate thesis. I'm trying to get a good follow up. I'd also like 
to provide the necessary resources to the students interested in 
learning more about Blender3d.
I was wondering if you guys could check up a bit on the 5 question 
followup and comment if anything needs to be added or reworded. I'm 
submitting this sometime next week. and again a month from now to see if 
anything changed.
The overall summary is here :

And the questions are here  ( although I'm not sure how well the tables 
will show up ) :

1.How confident are you with the overall concept of a variable? (circle one)

Not very confident


Somewhat confident




Very confident

2.How confident are you in working in 3d coordinates? (circle one)

Not very confident


Somewhat confident




Very confident

3.What did you think about the Blender3d presentation? (circle one) :

I did not like it very much.


I was bored or confused.


It was okay.


Ienjoyed it.


I enjoyed it and I want to learn more about Blender3d.

4.In your own words, what is a variable?

5.In your own words, what are 3d coordinates?

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
-Robert Fornof

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