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Not to beat a dead horse but ...
from 2006-2009, I looked for ways to turn Blender3d into an easy to use 
presentation tool (like module8 / powerpoint) with 3d text and 
animations, and template blends for premade scenes and fly-throughs. My 
goal was to make it so a complete novice  (and computer beginner) would 
be able to modify animated text to fit their needs through a simple GUI 
textbox list. The main issues I ran into when trying to modify Blender was:
1.  Blender has no easy way of modifying text characters mid-animation.
2. simplifying the user interface so it wouldn't be an immediate 
intimidation factor for the older, less experienced novices.

Granted, that was back in 2.49 when nothing was really easy to modify 
without hard-coding it. With 2.5x++ ,  I naturally assumed the GUI moved 
from C/C++ code to Python for this very reason ; so we could 
customize/add/remove buttons easier like other programs (MS word, 
chrome, firefox.)

Simplifying the interface buttons (aka: a customized mode / regular mode 
toggle - much like the hotkeys toggle)  would open up Blender3d to more 
people.  After using Blender3d for 6 years,  I'd like to see this 
feature get implemented. (Easier ways to animate text wouldn't be such a 
bad thing to see, either.)

-Robert Fornof

On 11/4/2012 5:52 PM, Blasgund Brian wrote:
> Hi all,
> I agree with Peter G Kovacs though I lecturer to college students not 10 yr old's any application can seem daunting when first viewed, It only takes a few weeks for my students to become comfortable with blender some having never touched 3D software before.
> I teach basic tasks and techniques introducing more features as I go I also point them to the copious online material, the ones that are serious about entering the industry will immerse themselves in self study and the atmosphere within the studio is very collaborative some very advanced techniques are passed on from student to student.
> Directed exercises demonstration with them following along showing techniques and checking their process is a fast way for them to become familiar with the interface, after a few exercises they are producing good work combining the techniques they have picked up.
> Mind you allow the 10 year old's to immerse themselves in the blender environment can only be good for the future of our industry if you think by the time they are 20 that's 10 years experience...
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> Dear Educators/Developers,
> I think creating an Educational Configuration of Blender is not the best solution for first glance. The method, the way we teach the application can show a "light side" and a "hard side" of the software. I think finding the right approach is quite hard, but I tried to introduce the application via the technology, pipeline which also defines the rational and quick ways in the application. My experience is that if I can introduce, and teach the basic methods well, the pupils start to search, learn the right way in any kind of software, no matter what kind of build is that. I don't think it's a good method to create a software with less or specialized features, or operational interface, it can lead to a very hard situation (different documentation, "why to learn the software again if I can learn it once?").  Blender was an inhouse software, and i think it's still wears that cloth, I have no problem with that, and we can teach it as is, there is many more complicated applications
>    are which people need to use.
> it was just my opinion , I will continue the thinking on that....
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